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What is the best software for music production or DAW (Digital AudioWorkstation)?

The first thing to be aware of is that it is not about the best production software. Each one has its own style and mode of operation, what is really important is who operates them!

All of them are practically as medium as audio and capacities, whether they are interface visualization, world positioning, or process processing, system compatibility, or fiber plugins.

Wearing a camel must have a different approximation depending on the procurement. We want to present the characteristics of the main DAWs by relevance, following a link to the official site. Most of them offer a demo for so try out your favorite!

Avid Pro Tools (MAC/PC)

Pro Tools dominates the market from time to time, making it one of the pioneers in digital editing and mixing. For certain is one of the most powerful tools. Each version turns into the most versatile and "selfish" menu, but the process is great compared to other DAW's.

Apple Logic (MAC Apenas)

Logic has already shown that it is most of the big studios, and it looks like a new market "wave", alongside Ableton. Exclusive to OS systems, it is an advanced program with an elegant and functional interfacet. It includes very satisfaying vsts and effects in the box.

Ableton Live (MAC/PC)

For DJs, electronic music and live performances in general, there are some great options. Set up your interface on a different platform, possibly with fast-paced slow-paced pace, and phase using MIDI. Super bem function on any type of machine, including a wide range of egg designs. It can be integrated with the "Push" controller, which has the ultimate expansion of your experience.

Steinberg Cubase (MAC/PC)

Steinberg is one of the primordial icons. They were the first ones to create vst's and it's daw. They are still stron in the market with cubase, a very professional and robust program that leaves nothing behind in comparison to it's competitors.

Image-Line FL Studio (MAC/PC)

Coming as a "pattern / step-based" groove maker, all the initials on which we select we assume that even the battery does not have points on the compass ... Poem bem, pense duas vezes, pois ele evoluiu. Very friendly to beatmakers initiators, including plugins and VST's. Utilized by many reconnected manufacturers can à fora, your proposal is incomum, but the users that acostumam with the nunca olham pra trás.

Pre Sonus Studio One (MAC/PC)

Access to all connected, visually enhanced, similar to Pro Tools, Logic and Cubas. É an extremely easy program to use at a very fast and efficient rate or amount. It has basic features and respect in the industry as standard software, possibly an optional visualization different from "time-line", exclusive to master projects, provided by Melodyne integrated.

Cockos Reaper (MAC/PC)

It has a full usable demo, and your full version is cheap. It can be used on the computer and phase only through the process, as an extra version of the port that works directly on the pen drive. Still a full audio program. Versatile, efficient MIDI output, with modifiable interface, is a fully-fledged school for home studios and portable studios.

Propellerhead Software Reason (MAC/PC)

Reason worksin "racks", so you can do it all in a one-place, fast-paced environment. These tools and effects are very useful, and Propellerhead places plugins to add to your site, to increase your collection of racks. It has differentiated functions and works well with REX format, created by the manufacturer, pioneering the "time-elastic audio" technology.

Bandlab Cakewalk (PC Apenas)

Considered by many "old school" as the best software, it is the folds that are unfolded to work in perfect harmony with windows. A beautiful and simple design, integrated with melody and smooth process.

Other well-known programs:

Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio

Garage Band

Sony Creative Software Acid

Magix Samplitude Pro X


Steinberg Nuendo

MOTU Digital Performer

Bitwig Studio

Sony Sound Forge

Adobe Audition

OBS: We also have controllers and hardware integration programs as for example both Maschine and MPC

What is your DAW of choice? What do you have to share about it? Any info to add?


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