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Editing, Post Production, Audio and Video Online

- Services with real-time video conference monitoring.

- Transfer files and access projects in the cloud.

- Upload your files in high quality and summary in text of what you need (briefing), containing all information and references.

- Ask for review and have guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

- Any questions about the procedure and deadlines of your project please contact us.

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Rehearsal - Studio Rehearsal With Instruments and Effects Available

Recording - Band, Vocals, Scratch, Dubbing, Overdub and Foley 

Instrumental/Beat - Arrangement and Instrumentation for Any Genre

Mixing - Editing, Vocal Tuning, Mix and Advanced Effects

Mastering - Final Mastering for All Platforms 

Transcription - CD and Vinyl Records Digitalization

Audio Recover - Noise and Pops Cleaning, De-Esser and De-Reverb  

Party and Events DJ - All Genres, Digital Mixer and Vinyl Turntables


Movies, Documentaries and Advertisement - Script, Production, Filming, Editing and Post-Production

Short Videos and Streaming - Marketing Videos, Motion Graphics, Live and Videoconference

Music Vídeos - Official Videoclip, Show Recording and Cypher Effect

Photo Shooting - Studio and Outdoor Rehearsal, Photoshop Editing

Graphic Design - Concept, Branding, Social Media Art, Vectorial Image and Logo

Sound Recording and Post-Production - Boom e Lavalier, Surround Mix, Ambience and SFX 

Original Soundtrack - Composition, Arrangement and Music Production for Moving Image


Guitar, Singing and Music Theory - Theory with Study Material and Practice in Any Genre  

Music Production - Theory and Studio Practice, Techniques, DAW's and Plugins  

Photo and Video - Theory and Practice in Audiovisual, Cameras, Lightning and Post-Production

Executive Production

Consultancy and Career Orientation - Administration, Business Plan and Marketing Strategy 

Creative Project Management - Documents, Resources, Cronograms, Estrategy and Execution 

Author Registration and Distribution - ISRC's, Digital and Physical Media Distribution


Home Services - Portable Studio, All Services in your Home Confort 

Digital Marketing - Publicity, Social Media, Email, Content Creation, SEO and Inbound 

Web Design - Development and Maintenance, E-Commerce, Desktop and Mobile Optimization    

Game Development - Game Design, Audio and Music Creation and Implementation for Games

Equipment Renting - Sound, Light and Projection Systems, Events and Cultural Productions 

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