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Acoustic Instruments:

Acoustic Guitar 2x

Electric Guitar 2x



Mini Harp


Bongos, Triangle, Castanets and Percs

Melodica and Flute

Electronic Instruments:

Native Instruments Kontrol A49

MIDI Keyboard 61 Keys

Synth Novation Mininova

MPK Mini

Roland TD11-KV Electronic Battery

Native Instruments Maschine MK2

Boss RC 202 Loop Station


AKG C414

Shure SM 58 3x

Shure SM 57 2x

Shure SM7B 2x

Shure Beta 52A

Shure SM81 

Xfer 20 Sonarworks


Rode smartLav+

KSR Pro KT-4C (4 Lapel Wireless)

AMW Au6000 (4 Dynamic Wireless Microphones)

Audio Monitors:

Genelec 8020c 2x

Yamaha Hs5 2x

Yamaha Hs8 5x

Subwoofer Yamaha Hs8s

Datrel AT10-200 


Shure SRH 840

Shure SRH 940

Shure SRH 440

Anleon S2 In-Ear Wireless (3 Receivers)

Samsom S-Amp Headphone Diffuser


Generic Amplifier

Staner PS1501 2x

Preamps / Interfaces:

PreSonus StudioLive 32SC mixing console

Pre Amp Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic 200

Focusrite 18i20 

Focusrite iSolo

Audio Hardware:

DI Radial J38

Zoom H4n Portable Audio Recorder

Zoom H3 VR 360

Stanton Pickup Turntable ST-150

Shell, Capsule and Shure M44-7 Needle

Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK2

Mic Boompole 

Cable Doctor Santo Angelo

Image and Video:

Black Magic Cinema 4k + Sigma Lens 

Nikon D3400 Camera

Go Pro Max 360 Camera

UNIC Portable Projector 

Cam Link HDMI-USB 1080p

Digipod Camera Tripod with Hydraulic Head

Newer Steadycam for DSLR

White Projection Screen


Dmx console 512

2x Par LED Cannons

Mini globe

Mini Moving Heads 2x

RGB LED Swivel Lamp

Black Light 20w 2x

3m LED hose

Laser Show Projector


Fog machine

Ring Illuminator for Live 2x

Mini Led Yongnuo YN-300 Air

Kit Rectifiers and Photographic Diffusers

IT and Technology:

CPU 24RAM, AMD 4GB, 1TB SSD, Ryzen

Laptop 8GBRAM, AMD 1GB, 256GB SSD, Intel i7 

Multi-Video Monitoring Screens

10 GB Total External Hard Drive

Dell CD and DVD Reader

Rechargeable Battery Charger

Virtual reality equipment

Wacom Intuos S pen tablet


+ 15 Pedestals

+ 50 Cables (XLR, P10, P2, RCA etc...)

Tieline 20m 16 Channels

Multicable 20m 8 Channels

Vinyl Collection

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