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What are the best virtual instruments plugins?

The digital wind brought us a whole world of incrdible sounding hardware to our computer screens and speakers. That are a lot of manufacturers who license harwdare to do their emulation, working with iconic synths and keyboards, for example. Let's checks some of those!

Native is a reference to the VSTs camp, and dominates the market at full speed. So get the most used sampler in the world, or Contact. The first Native cria instruments are very bons and organic so ele, many other renowned fabricators and those usury phase out other banks as for the program, turning possible terabytes of stamp expansion. Massive synthesizer theme, very useful in electronic and heavy music. There is also the Reactor, a module that is extremely powerful and complex, and in the Native phase there are several miniprograms that go through the teeth, such as the Razor and the Monarch. Absynth theme, a complete synthesizer with bons presets, sobrevive ainda o FM e o velho Battery, com bons sons de battery, era muito utilizado junto com as MPCs. Enfim, its professional, modern plugins, and with premium audio.

Spectrasonics is a monster of virtual instruments. They are very massive plugins, very complete, but consuming very HD. For battery and percussion is the Stylus RMX, with its own stamps, sets and patterns. For the most part, the great Trillian, with a sonor inclível quality, is destined to be one of the best in the field. E por fim o synthesizer e modulador Omnisphere, com uma quantidade incrível de instrumento com sonoridade, efeitos e arpegiator nota dez. All of them come with bons presets, and are not different from what they serve.

Lennar Digital Sylenth 1

Does the principle of vocation exist or which is a special synthesizer? Four oscillators, integrated with DAW, and friendly interface. Basta mecher nele por alguns minutos para notar a diferenca. O som é demais, cheio de details and timbre analógicos. The presses must be constructed correctly, and the parameters must be created individually. It's not that's one of the most used plugins in our country.

KV331 SynthMaster

Next to Sylenth 1, SynhtMaster is one of the best synths on the market. Access to the design of the interface is not easy, either intuitively or superbly, perfect for pads, textures or related textures. Dominating some of these vocal cords has a capacitance of any size. ReFX Nexus2

The Nexus is out of the box, with bons timbre for electronic music like trance, house, and dance music. If used, it is also on the wheel, and it can be expanded with different banks created by the company. Reveal Sound Spire

Give it a chance and you'll see the differences in relationto other plugins, it has a bombastic sound, with an authentic and crystallin timber.

The U-he is very comfortable with both of his instruments. The best ones are Zebra, Diva and Ace. The Zebra is semi-modular, not very friendly at first, although it can shoot tons of complex and different parts. The Diva has the most analgesic and abacus timbre, we are also complex. The Ace is actually a different handle, with a virtual patchbay design, but very flexible. Rob Papen

Rob Papen has many good plugins. Find the SubBoomBass for graves and kicks, the Predator for sophisticated and aggressive sonoridade, the Blue veil, with its many effects, waves and possibilities, and the Blade, for profound analog stamps and pads. FabFilter

From FabFilter we have all the quality instruments, even the most twin or twin ones, with a simple synth, diverted and easy to use, or as fast as possible without comparing them.

E o One, ich has an imponent lead sound. Arturia

The manufacturer Arturia, in terms of its hardware syntheses, possesses a series of plugins that emulate with fidelity or analytical and rico that their sews are threaded. Toontrack Superior Drummer

It is the big name in the battery field. Up to Toontrack all other virtual instruments such as the EZkey or Superior Drummer can use acoustic sonority, and real battery visualization. It is not different in use, flexible for ending of cans and positioning the virtual microphones in our instruments. Existence of all new, very simple, but very practical, or EZdrummer. XLN Audio Addictive Drums

XLN Audio has all the other plugins, like Addictive Keys for pianos. Most or less related is Addictive Drums, which competes with Superior Drummer. With more than a few uses, you can find battery kits, even hundreds of cheap presses. Music Lab Real Guitar

These guitars and violins from the Music Lab are one that should be supported. The Real Guitar is a totally personalized virtual guitar, for different beats, techniques and strings.

They have samples and patterns to recruit realistically or as an instrument. To get the most out of it, the maker can make several plugins that simulate different guitars and violins. Other plugins that have not been updated yet:



Sonic Academy ANA and Kick


Camel Audio Alchemy

Sugar Bytes


Tone 2

Togu Audio

Audio Damage

True Pianos

Today we are looking at a lot of new virtual instruments, mainly synthesizers. We received a large number of new programs, So we tried to bring all the main ones ... But we have the best quality! What do you think? Você já conhecia todos os plugins mencionados?Did you know all of the mentioned ones?

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