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What are the best effects plugins?

One of the most important components in the mix is ​​the application of effects, and not all of the fabric of your DAW will exceed your necessities. There are companies that create other programs, such as the virtual studio, to expand each of the options modular or similar.

Each one has its own interface and timbre, and each one has its own preferences. We want to present the main manufacturers, specific effects, and get a little more out of them!


Waves is the big name in the world of ephemerals, the master of industry, and the voice you find in all the great studios. In this catalog you can find hundreds of plugins, all types that can be imagined. Existem bons reverbs as IR, or delays as H-Delay. Compressors as simple as RVox and Vocal Rider, so vocais, and RBass and Bass Rider, for cheap. In a ton of equalizers, the CLA line is effectively defined for different instruments. The GTR for guitars, the Waves Tune for affinity, the API and SSL compressors ... The quantity is so massive that it differs as much as the quote! As long as we have an interface with an ultra-low speed, all of them have inclusive quality. It is also used for mastering with UltraMaximizer, for example.


Isotope has Nectar, for vocals, and RX for audio recovery, Insight for analysis, among other things ... Your front line is Ozone. In principle, a plugin for mastering, but at best, more than realism can be extended to a variety of usages. We have lots of pre-defined results. You can also find Neutron, mixing plugin with advanced comparative analyzes!

The Komplete line is the famous pack of Native plugins, pioneering our new music production trends. Interfaces have modern design and simple to use, and are very professional! Checkse the RC24 and RC48 reverbers, the Vintage compressors, the Driver Distribution Effect, and the modulator effects for the Reactor: The Finger, The Mouth and Molecular. Also the Soundtoys family, and finally the great Guitar Rig, with a variety of effects for guitar, violin and harpsichord, reference guitar type plugins.

Guitar Rig direct competitor, Amplitube. These are the dominant and marketable digital effects for guitars. With sonority that leaves behind lots of hardware, it's build with racks of effects, but also with good presets.

With built-in interfaces and impeccable response, the FabFilter is also among the many effects makers. All of them have a limited functionality, from compressor to delay, whether or not it is a graphic equalizer. Easy to use, superior sonority and intelligent design, not due to the fact that it is one of the most used equalizers in the profession. Sugar Bytes

These plugins are practically free d full of eccentricities and sonorities. The most famous are Effectrix and Turnado, where you can apply different modular viruses, giving you a totally new one. We also have a filter effect, Wow. U-he

The U-he plugins are very advanced and complete. With modern and organized interfaces, they are all effective, sophisticated and inspiring.


The AudioWare plugins, for example, have an amicable pouch visualization, which is inclusive, mainly VintageWarmer. With a compressor that can be used in any way, as it drives and has all its masters! It has an incandescent sonority, adhering to a current and analytical timbre as well. Dada Life Sausage

This is a magnetic effect. It is made up of two worlds, one for strength, one for mass, and one for graves, and the other for weight and saturation. I do not think so, because it depends on the curtains, which turns the Sausage Fattener into magic! Experiments apply to a train or kick to see the strength and timing of the proportion. Celemony Software Melodyne Editor

Melodyne is a pitch modulation plugin. Modify intonation and musical notes, often used in vocal corrections, used to create creative forms and instruments. It also has different wavelength and elastic speed functions. Você nem imagina quantas músicas que ouvimos no dia a dia passaram por aqui ... Antares Autotune

Auto Tune is a pioneer in the field of pitch correction. The cumpre muito bem sua prostoa, e ainda é bastante utilizad. Because of its robotic and digital timbre, it can use interesting forms. Other famous plugins made by:

Universal Audio

Slate Digital

Nicky Romero

Audio Damage

Camel Audio

DMG Audio

Blue Cat

OBS: Alguns the effects of the fabric on the music production software that are not necessarily useful and used in our studios.

And you, which plugins do usually use? Any essentials on your daily-basis? How do you use these effects? What instruments?

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