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Introduction to Equipments and Home Studio

Ae you a personr that wants to produce your own music? No problem, today we have audio equipment that is very accessible, and we want to present the base to get the most out of your work !!!


So that you can install your studio and think it will have adequate space, and it will be configurable for your needs. Ideally it should be localized to your local number, with an adequate acoustic treatment to prevent incontinence or vomiting, to isolate the sounds that come with the forearm, and to provide adequate reversal. The acoustic treatment is an essential factor and there are profits and specific materials for this process, such as roach, bucket, and sonex. Também é aconselhável uma furniture bem distribut para para os equipamento, talvez um banheiro proximi, um sofa para os visitatën u um ar airmente silencioso. Dentro of the studio, ideally that eats a room for monitoring, the "technique", and one or more rooms / cabs for recording.


Many small studios do not invest in a computer, but are essential for speeding up and processing the dentures in the studio. With the digital age and plugins, the most important component is RAM, which defines its programs and effects as being disabled or not. Go to your board or media connection, be it USB, Firewire, or Thunderbolt, send it to the ultimate in speed, but only for MAC. Consider a CPU with long shutter speeds, or a laptop for a portable studio. Leve em conta o tamanha da tela, pois na hora da edição isso faz toda a diferença, e se talvez não queira até duas telas ... Muitos mixadores dividem sua derea de trabalho entre a janela de ediãão e de mixagem entre as telas! See programs that you use, Pro Tools for example, but can be configured to run on a MAC, as Logic is platform-only. If you want to use Ableton for example, there is no phase difference between one and the other, and normally the PC or Windows is still in contact. Sound Interfaces and Mixing Desks

To engrave, play or audio on your monitors, and other functions, specify the sound of a medium (console), or an audio board (interface). This type of equipment should be left in contact with the number of loops you can use, the precision of many outputs for sound mandates, or the type of connection with the machine and other details. Our great studios are here to get great mixing media, with 48, 64 or more channels, from Sony, Yahama, Avid (Digidesign), Soundcraft, Euphonix, SSL etc ... Você pode até optar por um modelo menor, de 16 canais. If you are objective and principled for practicality in the studio, at a reasonable level, and then assume that you are deciding, a place where you can go. To enter the line, many manufacturers make custom-made interfaces such as Behringer and M-Audio ... If there is a quality parameter, the most popular models are either Presonus or Focusrite. In the case of a MOTU series, it is more professional than serial RME or Universal Audio recordings. Pre Amplifiers

This e rpamplifier is the life of a live and encapsulated signal, which makes the sound professional. Normally both the mes and the interfaces are available for pre-amps, but often opt for passing the signal to the outside, where it has the highest signal quality or timing difference. Rupert Neve is an engine that has less than 70 years since its mid-range, high amps and low levels as well as the best of the market. At the same time I use Neves antigas strips channels to pass through the signal due to the amplifier. We are very comfortable with Avalon and Universal Audio. Manufacturers can use pre-ampere amps that fit like Behringer, PreSonus, Focusrite etc ...

Reference Monitors

In studios we can't use speakers for radio or CD player, and not P.A's please. That's for live sonorization. At the time of recording or mixing, the utilization utilizes or references monitors, which desepenham or reproduction paper or as a major fidelity is possible. I use either passive monitors, which specify an amplifier, and active ones, which can be used as a dental amplifier. Most consoles are from Yamaha, with NS10 classics dominating or marketed more than a dozen, or newer models HS8, 7e 5. Only all consoles or monitors from Genelec, or from JBL. The models from KRK, Alesis, Pre Sonus também são aceitáveis. Allows for very accurate monitoring of graves, valves and pens invested in sub woffer, like the HS10w from yamaha. In most studios you can find "farfield" monitors, but most of them are near the "nearfield" monitors.

Controllers (Pad or Keyboard)

From day to day, when you work hard with electronic music and MIDI, you will find all kinds of controllers to play your virtuoso instruments with naturalness of sound and rhythm. What is observed is a division between MIDI chords, which are mostly fused to be used with harmonic instruments, and controlled with pads, which are more sensible to be used with percussion instruments, except for a regression. There are many different types of controllers, including synthesizers, which are both effective and powerful. No pads exist except some strong competitors. Alguns Roland and his company are famous in different formats and tamanhos. Ableton users can use the Push console to operate in sync with the software. Durante anos também as MPCs e MPDs da Akai dominate or mercantile, and that hoje continuum fortes with many user fiéis. Recently Native Instruments has gained great publicity with both Machine and Control, both synchronization with package Complete and fast and easy to use. Microphones

Chegamos ao ponto crucial da historia, os microfones. If you consider your priorities, whether you want to grab apenas vocais, or an orchestra ... All stamps and instruments are best captured but some models, but not regress nesse meio. É bom conhecer a Neumman, a renowned manufacturer, like Ferrari dos cartos. For example, for voyeurs, it is often possible to find u87, or KM184 for speeds as well as against the tempo. To enter Neumman's professional line, we also have the TLM103 ipot, or the ear canal for your competing direction, the famous 414, from AKG, which can be connected only by its microphones. From Senheiser you can get the famous 421, for percussion. The Shure has the SM58, for live guides and shows live, the SM57, used in battery packs, and the 52A beta for the bumbo. The best microphones for voice-over, and normally valve-like, to receive their own timbre. Manufacturers like M-Audio, Behringer and the company have all the models that can be used to serve as an open gear, like the B-1! Other (Instruments, Phones and Cabos)

There are many other details to consider, as well as musical instruments in the studio. Might be interesting to have violins or an acoustic piano. We also need headphones, most likely .. Shure, Sony, AKG and Senheiser are good ones. Some acoustic treatment. Also pedestal screws and pop filters for your microphones. Last but not least are the connections. Essentially you need to know XLR (microphone), P10 or "banana" (instrumental), RCA, AC, USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, ADAT and so on. Boa Sorte!

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