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Ideas to Compose and Inspire

Missing writing or creating an arrangement on the guitar but lacking inspiration? Here are some techniques for starting an idea and composing a song.

1. Pretend you are making a movie soundtrack. Watch a scene for 5 minutes on mute and try to imagine what the background track would be like.

2. Start the idea of ​​just a little catchphrase, it could be from a thinker or a movie line.

3. Dedicate the song to someone. It could be your family, your friend or your girlfriend, for example.

4. Use a secret that only you know. You don't have to tell your secret explicitly, but it can be a good source of inspiration.

5 - Try to do something like your favorite artist, it can be educational and fun, possibly different or it can even emerge as something better. It has always been common to make art by rebuilding and renewing other arts. "Nothing is created, everything is copied"...

6. Protest, help build a fairer reality and show your indignation to politicians or what you see in society and people. Bring out your world-changing vision. Always have the courage to show your deepest feelings.

7. Use and be inspired by everyday sounds and noises, from your home, the big city or nature. Carry a tape recorder, record what you say and everything around you.

8. Start with something you don't like, a genre of music you don't usually listen to, or a weird rhythm and maybe in the end you'll find another side to yourself.

9. Go to books, research interesting things and topics that spark creativity, it's just very easy to get a letter idea by reading a good book.

10. Throughout human history, dreams have inspired men in the arts, have a notepad by your bed and write down your dreams.

11. Be provocative and controversial, aggressiveness is a great way to get attention.

12. Create a new identity. Pretend to be someone else or something else.

13. Use other languages, and think about the way of thinking, of making music, the phonemes and lyric of countries with different languages.

14. Mathematics, use it because that's what music is. Think mathematical logic for an array or a flow. Get inspired by the science behind sound.

15. Think of a single different word, perhaps an object with a catchy, catchy, and underused name, and put it in context later. See also legal words in the dictionary.

And you, what makes you have new ideas? How often do you feel inspired to compose?

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